211 ChaosOver the last few days I have been posting up flashback videos on the facebook page from the past Chaos Cup finals. Their has been three "Chaos" Cup in total after the cup was renamed from the Monash Invitational. In the past it was considered the secondary cup but in 2016 it is now the top trophy and with an stronger line up of teams.

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210 KCC2The fixtures for the 2016 KonQa Chaos Cup has been released. Matches start at 10am and will conclude with the Grand Final at 05:00. It takes more than skill to win this cup as endurance has a big part on who eventually holds up the trophy. Clubs from the LVSA, Bayside FA, VCFA, VicSoccer and FFV makes this one of the most unique tounaments.

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209 KCCUnfortunately North Melbourne Athletic FC has withdrawn from the 2016 KonQa Chaos Cup due to their commitment to their fixture in the FFA Cup and understandably so. The great news is that Bayside Argonauts Football Club will be fielding a team in their place.

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2016ChaosCupMonash Soccer Club has released the name of the eight teams that will compete for the 2016 KonQa Football Chaos Cup. These eight teams are from five different leagues and will be the strongest line up for the Football Chaos Cup yet. The date for the tournament is the 20th Feb.

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198 KonQaThings are moving at light-speed in regards to the 2016 KonQa Chaos Cup! That’s right the cup now has a title sponsor with KonQa coming on board and definitely given the cup even more creditability along with it now being the main pre-season cup hosting by the Monash Soccer Club.

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Latest Videos

2016 Men's Chaos Cup

Winners: Moe United
Runners Up: Tyers Lightning

2015 Women's Chaos Cup

Winners: Truganina Hornets
Runners Up: Manningham United

2015 Men's Chaos Cup

Winners: Monash
Runners Up: Pakenham United

2014 Men's Chaos Cup

Winners: Bunyip Strikers
Runners Up: Croydon Rangers

2013 Men's Chaos Cup

Winners: Churchill United
Runners Up: Bunyip Strikers

2012 Men's Chaos Cup

Winners: Trojan Atheltic
Runners Up: Bunyip Strikers

*Known as Monash Invitational