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Sunday, 17 February 2013 22:25

News | Churchill wins 2013 Chaos Cup

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THE FOOTBALL CHAOS CUP! What a day it was, an epic event in warm conditions, especially for those who played in five matches! Churchill United took out the honours after defeating Bunyip Strikers in the final 3 – 0 and in doing so added yet another trophy to their impressive list of trophies they already have collected. Churchill United achievement is also a credit to their club as they filled in a vacancy only on Saturday after very late withdrawals of Montrose and then JFG Wanderers.

Bunyip Strikers was also impressive throughout the tournament, including defeating Churchill United in their group stage match but unfortunately for them they match their 2012 effort by finishing runners up in the final. Enthusiasm of the club was match by the players on the field and hopefully for them their league season will be successful one.   

Drouin Dragons surprised many by making the semi-finals of this tournament for the first time – was known as the Monash Invitational – by knocking out one of the favourites Pakenham in their group stage match. Monash Wolves was another very late entry and had real good go a Churchill United in their first match. They exited the tournament on a positive note with a thumping of Middle Park in their final group stage match.

Bayswater Strikers failed to score any goals as they lost all three group stage matches, but as always this club are one of the best clubs you can invite to any tournament as they hang around regardless of their results. The Bayside FA is fortunate to have such a club involved in their league.

Host club Monash was looking good to make the final but even though they an extra benefit of a break before their semi-final match against Churchill they bowed out of the cup after a 2 – 1 loss.

Middle Park failed to get a win and you can tell by their last match against Monash Wolves that the heat may have taking its toll on the team.

So overall the event was a success and hopefully those involved felt the same.

Thankyou to all involved, especially Monash who did an outstanding job of putting this event together. In two weeks’ time it will all happen again and Monash will be putting on the Energy Australia Shield.


Monash 0 - 0 Pakenham
Bayswater Strikers 0 - 2 Drouin Dragons
Bunyip Strikers 4 - 2 Wolves
Churchill United 2 - 0 Middle Park
Monash 1 - 0 Drouin Dragons
Bayswater Strikers 0 - 2 Pakenham
Bunyip Strikers 2 - 0 Middle Park
Wolves 1 - 2 Churchill United
Pakenham 1 - 3 Drouin Dragons
Monash 2 - 0 Baywaster Strikers
Churchill UNited 0 - 2 Bunyip Strikers
Middle Park 1 - 8 Wolves


Bunyip Strikers 3 - 1 Drouin Dragons
Chruchill United 2 - 1 Monash


Churchill United 3 - 0 Bunyip Strikers

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