Venue Baxter2This reminds me that I must get back to this venue and take more up-to date photos. These ones were done just after the massive pavilion was built, replacing a much smaller one. The entire Baxter Park is very large with at least four pitches and others elsewhere for Aussie Rules and Cricket.

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Venue Central Park

Central Park is located on the corner of Burke Rd & Wattletree Rd in Malvern East and is the home to at least three clubs. The venue has two full size pitches and a pavilion that appears to be only good for change rooms. A cricket pitch divides the two football pitches.

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169 Ross Pitch 2Outside the compound of the main facility at Ross Reserve is a secondary pitch that is used by FFV State League club Sandown Lions. Not much to describe about it except that it is a winter only venue with one pitch and a small pavilion.

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