Venue Parkfield

Situated in the middle of a velodrome, this pitch is swapped between cricket and football during seasons. Before Noble Park United called it home it once hosted games for Heatherton United before they shifted to there own facilities in South Springvale.

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158 Old ScotchOne of the best pavilions in the State League football can be found at H A Smith Reserve, home of Old Scotch Soccer Club. This is a statement that would not be dared made in the past but after the new pavilion was built that almost streches the enitre length of the pitch it is a venue any club would be proud to use.

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Venue Centenary

This venue is a purpose build ground for football with a undercover stand with limited seating. The seating though is rather pointless because of the hight of the coaches boxes. In fact when I last visited most of the people stood on the seats to get a decent view. The venue also has a decent banking all around the pitch for the spectators. The aging club rooms are marked for an renovation.

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