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077 BerwickChurches

One of the newer venues in the Casey regions is Grices Road Reserve, the home for Berwick Churches. Two full size pitches and even though the lights are on either side of the two pitches night matches has been held a number of times for Bayside FA catch up matches.

104 Silcock

Silcock Reserve is a massive venue that actually has four full size pitches. The home team Croydon Ranges is the venue home club and they have teams in both the Bayside FA and the Victorian Churches FA.

Venue Milpera Res

Milpera Reserve is locate between the East Link free way and Knox City Shopping Centre in the suburb of Wantirna South. The venue has two pitches. The one in front of the pavilion looks small width wise compared to the pitch to the right of the club rooms. This smaller pitch has a massive drop at the North West corner and the goal post are somewhat skewed.

Venue LawsonSituated some distance from the clubs this is an odd pitch that I would gather to sat would not be accepted if it was an FFV venue as it would be possible be considered too narrow. It has had issues with the condition of the pitch which has forced the home team Gideons Warriors from the Victorian Churches FA to play elsewhere.