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051 Pines

Here is some updated images from Monterey Boulevard. This venue was once part of the Victorian Premier League venue and is the home of the Frankston Pines and also in 2015 Bayside FA new club Frankston City.

The area hold two full size pitches. The main pitch is fenced off with a undercover seating area and on the opposite side a large building that holds the change rooms, function room, bar, dancefloor etc.

Only recently the stand was brought up to scratch after there was talks about pulling it down. Before the upgrade their was no seating (the old wooden ones I was told was set on fire many years ago) and starting to look it age.

Venue: Monterey Boulevard Reserve
Address: Monterey Boulevard, Frankston North
Home Club: Frankston Pines
Pitches: 2 Full Size
Honours: 2014: State League 2 SE Champions
  2012: Provisional 1 SE Runners Up
  2007: State League 1 Champions
  2003: Victorian Premier League: Grand Finalist
  2002: State League 1 Champions
  1998: State League 1 Champions
  1988: State League 1 Runners Up
  1983: State League 1 Runners Up
  1981: State League 2 Runners Up
  1980: State League 3 Champions
  1979: State League 4 Champions
  1978: Provisional League Champions
  1973: Provisional League Champions
  1972: Victorian District League South